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Bernie Blechinger
Keyboards - Guitar - Lead and Backing Vocals

Bernie's wonderful keyboard style adds just the right touch to every song. He also plays lead guitar on several songs and calls most of the square dances.

Bernie has many years of stage experience including touring with a Top 40 band. From country to rock, 50's through the 70's music, his talent shines through. Bernie also teaches guitar at his home in Woodville.

John Lucas
Bass Guitar - Lead and Backing Vocals

John and Kevin played together in the 80's and, more recently, in the Buck Naked Band from 1990-2001 when John left to pursue other ventures for a time. He rejoined the band in 2003. In addition to singing lead on several songs, John also calls a few square dances.

John has been playing in local bands since the late 1970's. His resume includes many years as a member of the Copperhead Road Band opening shows for Porter Waggonner and Del Reeves and a multi-state tour on the road.


Zach Flagg
Drums - Percussion

Zack has been playing with the band since 2005. Zack worked hard to learn his craft and quickly become an accomplished drummer. His musical interest was started by his father, Kevin, who was the leader of the band for many years.

Jerry Wittman
Guitar - Lead and Backing Vocals

Jerry has been a good friend of the band for more years than we'd care to mention. His resume includes many years of playing with Pete & the Boys, Legacy Band, and more recently the Legacy II band. After filling in when we needed a helping hand, Jerry has now become a permanent 'fill in.' We're glad to have him!

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Kevin Flagg

Kevin Flagg 1961 - 2009
Lead Vocal - Rhythm & Lead Guitar - Banjo - Harmonica

Kevin Flagg was the founder, lead singer, and square dance caller for the Sawbuck Band from 1990 through 2009. He passed away in February 2009 from cancer and is sorely missed by his fellow musicians and all the people whose lives he touched through the years.

Kevin would never have acknowledged it, but he was a gifted musician in the sheer number of songs that he sang and played. His band biography included the High Noon Band, Kentucky Brew Band, Stonewall Band, and the Buck Naked Band to name a few.

Kevin FlaggKevin Flagg
Brian Binder pic

Brian Binder 1964 - 2002
Lead Guitar

Brian Binder was a founding member of the Buck Naked Band when it was formed in the 1980's - up until his death in 2002.

Brian always had a positive attitude and didn't even know what a 'bad mood' was. He could always be found playing lead with his trusty Strat - and he even sang a song now and then!

Brian was killed in an automobile crash that never should have happened. We miss you Brian.

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